DHC cleansing oil

Things I Love: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Some people are wary of rubbing oil all over their face because it sounds like a one way street to acne eruptions. I get it…but they couldn’t be more wrong!! Oils can actually be amazing for your skin! Take DHC Deep Cleansing Oil…

…it is my FAVOURITE makeup remover of all time. This olive-oil based cleanser from no. 1 Japanese skincare brand DHC removes all traces of makeup in seconds – even super stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Poof! Gone!

You first apply the oil to your dry hands and then massage it to your dry face. Then, add water and the oil transforms into emulsion that rinses clean. It leaves ZERO residue and leaves your skin feeling so clean, soft, and nurtured. I swear by it!! I’m also particularly fond of DHC’s cleansing oil because my eyes (I’m talking about my literal eyeballs, not the area around my eyes) are very sensitive and this cleanser removes all my eye makeup without stinging my eyes (super important!).

If you’re not in Asia or in areas that sell Asian skincare, you can buy DHC cleaning online here.