Things I Love: Castor Oil

In keeping with my evangelical mission (see last past) to promote oil as part of your skincare routine, I want to talk to you guys about magical properties of castor oil.

Once upon my youth, I was shaving my legs when I got an itch for my forehead. Naturally, I went to scratch it….AND SHAVED OFF HALF MY EYEBROW in the process. I shit you not, it never grew back. For 10 years, I lived with an aborted left eyebrow. Tragic doesn’t even begin to cover it, especially since we’re now experiencing a renaissance of thick brows.

Luckily, I found a cure. Or my mum did. She gave me a bottle of Jamaican cold-pressed black castor oil and wished me luck on my journey to having a full brows again. For a few weeks, I religiously applied castor oil to the ends of my left eyebrow and prayed to the gods of hair-growth. Through rigorous application and blind faith, hair slowly but surely grew back in. Yas omg castor oil works!! I am living testimony to its success. As long as you are diligent, you too can (re)grow hair.

You can buy this online or at your local health store (i.e. Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.).