Things I Love: Letters of Note


I discovered Letters of Note a few years back. Compiled by a man named Shaun Usher, it’s a blog that features an ongoing, eclectic collection of written correspondence from the past. Featuring snarky missives to love letters to fan mail from the famous, infamous, and never famous, the blog itself is a beautiful love note to the dying art of pen on paper.

In this age of email and texting (& tweets & snaps), it’s good for us to be reminded of the beauty, charm, and power of the written word. More than a few times, I was blown away by the eloquence of these writers, most of them normal man or woman like you and me. At other times, I’m either crying or laughing out loud when reading these correspondence. No matter the tone, each letter featured is precious because it evokes something in readers and gives you a glimpse of a moment in time.

My only regret reading this blog is that I probably won’t ever receive these kind of letters in my mailbox, not in this lifetime.

P.S. He also came out with 2 books. You can buy both on Amazon here and here.