Things I Love: Monocle Magazine

I’m a big magazine fan. But my favourite? Hands down it’s MONOCLE.

Monocle cites itself as a “global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture, and design.” I’m happy to report it is exactly that. Current affairs, business, et al may sound dry but I assure you, articles in the Monocle can make even the most sundry of subjects fascinating. You would not believe how absorbed you can be in the political intrigues of some far flung country, or the retail revolution in Thailand, or the life of a knife maker in Japan. It’s all so bloody interesting!

It also helps that Monocle magazine is, simply put, beautiful. From a design perspective, it’s just pleasing to the eye. Not only does the magazine cover design, it itself is eye-wateringly exquisite. You are what you preach.

Anyway, I’m a big fan. I’m personally a big info junkie and I appreciate beautiful things. Monocle delivers on both fronts. Reading the magazine is like talking to a really cool, intellectual, and sexy friend. You just feel elevated by association.

The only deterrence is the price. This magazine retails for £6 in UK and $13 in US at bookstores and magazine stands. You can also do a 6-month subscription for £55 or 1-year for £100. See link for details.